The Formula for Success: Integrating Postproduction Services into the Advertising Strategy

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Cristián Aracena

In an increasingly competitive and diverse advertising market, the integration of post-production services into the strategy is an essential formula for success. In this article, we will explore how collaboration with post-production experts not only improves the visual and auditory quality of commercials, but also adds value to advertising strategy in Latin America. Through concrete examples, we will see how this formula captivates and excites advertisers in the region.

Postproduction process - cropping of chroma key Adobe After effects

Raise Visual and Hearing Quality:

Postproduction isn't just the finishing touch in creating commercials, but it's also the component that can take the production of an advertisement from good to extraordinary. Postproduction experts work on improving visual quality, correcting color, removing imperfections and creating visual effects that attract the viewer's attention. In addition, the audio mix optimizes the listening experience, ensuring that key messages are clearly transmitted.

Example: In a commercial for a fast food restaurant in Latin America, post-production could highlight the vibrant colors of the food and adjust the audio to enhance the appetizing sounds of the food, creating an irresistibly tempting visual and auditory experience.

Customization for Different Audiences:

An effective advertising strategy in Latin America involves the ability to reach diverse and culturally rich audiences. Postproduction services are essential for adapting commercials to different cultural and linguistic contexts. This can include adding dubbing, captions, and visual adjustments that resonate with specific audiences.

A brand of personal care products could perhaps use post-production to adapt a global commercial to different countries in Latin America. Dubbing in different languages and the inclusion of relevant cultural elements would ensure that the message connects with each local audience in a meaningful way.

Innovative Narratives:

Postproduction allows experimentation with creative and emotionally resonant narratives. In advertising strategy, this means telling stories that not only inform about the product, but also generate an emotional bond with the audience. Postproduction plays a key role in building the atmosphere, making unexpected twists and delivering the message in an impactful way.

For example, a car brand in Latin America could use post-production to create a commercial that, instead of focusing on technical features, tells the story of how a father gives the car to his recently graduated son. Postproduction can focus on the emotional moments and visual details that convey the family connection and the emotion of this experience.

In conclusion, post-production is a key component in advertising strategy. By integrating post-production services into the creation of commercials, brands can improve visual and auditory quality, personalize them for diverse audiences, and create emotionally resonant narratives. By doing so, brands can stand out in an increasingly competitive and diverse advertising market.

In addition, post-production not only improves the quality of the commercial, but it also helps to generate an emotional bond with the viewer. By presenting the product or service in an engaging and emotionally resonant way, post-production can make viewers feel more connected to the brand and more likely to buy the product or service.

In short, by collaborating with post-production experts, brands can ensure that their commercials are effective in an increasingly complex advertising market. Postproduction is an essential investment for any brand that seeks to stand out and succeed in its advertising strategy in Latin America.

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