What is Mercado CHEC Chile?

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CHEC Chile Creative Economy Market

“Discover all the details of the exciting first meeting of the CHEC Creative Industry market in Chile, a pioneering initiative organized by the Ministry of Economy. Immerse yourself in the vibrant convergence of talent, innovative ideas and business opportunities that marked this historic event. Explore how the creative sector drives the economy and culture in a meeting that promises to transform the Chilean creative landscape!”

CHEC Market, is an initiative organized by the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CNCA) in conjunction with the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), to promote the development of the creative industry in Chile.

This public-private partnership is part of the National Plan for the Promotion of the Creative Economy promoted by the Government of Chile, it is a model of policies aimed at encouraging the growth of the industry in creative areas, such as design, performing arts, music, photography, audiovisual, video games, animation, illustration, publishing, fashion and crafts, among others.

The CHEC Market 2017 (Chile Creative Economy) was held on December 13 and 14, 2017 at the Gabriela Mistral GAM Cultural Center, in Santiago de Chile.

On that occasion, a series of meetings, talks, debates and business rounds were held, where participants were able to present, exchange and learn new ways of doing business, thanks to creativity and the search for new ways of communicating and relating to culture and the arts, in a sustainable way.

This is part of an ambitious development plan, which aims to receive in our country in 2020, MICSUR, in this instance, it will bring together a large number of participants from the creative and cultural industries, bringing together suppliers and buyers from several countries of the southern cone.

These types of meetings are intended to be an instance of connection between protagonists of broad creative sectors and prominent companies, both public and private, who take advantage of this opportunity to create commercial ties and promote the growth of the industry throughout the region.

These and other similar activities, carried out by government agencies, have allowed Chile to position itself in a prominent position within the region in recent times, which is undoubtedly managing to become an attractive pole of development, in this remote corner of the map.

An unparalleled experience that left an indelible mark. Organized by the Ministry of Economy, this inaugural event transcended all expectations, bringing together creative minds, visionaries and entrepreneurs in a single space.

From the outset, the environment was charged with creative energy. Innovators from diverse disciplines came together to share their boldest ideas and explore new forms of collaboration. The conversations and presentations brought to life a mosaic of creative possibilities.

This event was not only a celebration of creativity, but also a catalyst for the economy. The intersection between innovation and business was evident in every interaction. Investment opportunities, strategic partnerships and invaluable connections flourished in every corner of the CHEC market.

El Ministry of Economy demonstrated his unwavering commitment to the development of the Chilean creative industry by creating a space where potential becomes a palpable reality. The masterminds behind this visionary initiative took us on a journey that not only enriched our knowledge, but also forged new horizons for the future of creativity in Chile.

In short, the first meeting of the CHEC Creative Industry market in Chile was more than an event; it was a symphony of creativity, innovation and opportunities. The convergence of brilliant talent and the passion for progress left an indelible impression on all participants. This event laid the foundations for a future where the creative industry will play a central role in Chile's economy and culture.”

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